NOWA Recovery Support Center

Journey to Hope Memorial

Matt Bertulli

I wrote this poem for my brother Matt, 3 days after he passed away from an unintentional drug overdose almost 8 years ago. I’m sending it up to heaven and to all we’ve lost to this deadly diseaseā€¦..

I see all around me the questions of why, never getting a chance to tell Matt goodbye.

From all those around him he was able to hide the unbearable pain that he felt inside.

Never really knowing his solution was wrong, for after all it hid the sadness in his song.

Then one day God said “Matt come with me, I’ll take the pain that no one else can see.”

Matt did all he knew to ease his own pain, and God knows that his death was not in vain.

So when we’re sad and we think how could this be? Be grateful to God for taking the pain, no one else could see.

God gives us free will at the time of our birth, and we do the best we can with our journey on Earth.

We feel sad knowing Matt’s Journey was not long but he lives on with God without sadness in his song.

In heaven he’s waiting with that beautiful smile, and we’ll see him again even if it’s not for a while.

For it is only the human part that really dies and that is why Matt didn’t need our goodbyes.