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Journey to Hope Memorial

Wade Allen Thomas Sherby

Our beautiful son Wade was born on 8/23/91, he was such a big boy right from the start 10lb 2oz..

When Wade was born he changed my life forever. He was my blessing, he actually saved me.

Wade was a loving son, brother, grandson, nephew, uncle, cousin and friend. Wade was protective of everyone he cared about, he was kind and caring. The day Wade was born till the week he passed I would sing to him the song “You are so Beautiful to me” When he got older we would always sing it together to each other.

One time when he was 5 I picked up Wade from school. When we got home I took his sneakers off and noticed that there was something mushy in them. I asked Wade what it was and in the cutest voice and smile Wade said it was a caterpillar he brought home so they could be friends.

Wade always wanted to be hugged and to play. When he was little in school he would come home and say he wrote a poem or story. We would sit outside so he could read them to me, without even looking at the words he memorized the stories. This was always such a joy for me.

Wade was 4 when his sister was born. They were best friends from the start. Wade’s face lit up the first time he saw her. They were each other’s protectors. Wade also has a brother. He lives in TX with his mother, but he visited us every summer. They would hang out and do what brothers do. Wade loved his brother very much.

Wade and his Dad were always extremely close. They would go fishing, for rides, worked on cars together, monster truck shows and the list goes on.

Wade also fought many demons but that did not and does not define what kind of person he was. Wade was the kind, caring and loving person that I have been telling you about.

Wade did not die in vain. Wade was an organ donor and saved three people’s lives. He was still being loving and protective of people in his last moments of life.

Wade passed on 5/21/19 but his memory and life will go on. We love you Wade. I know you are riding your dirt bike high in the sky. When I look up and see the stars, I see you in them, shining bright. I know you are watching over us, and with your loved ones in Heaven. I see the signs you leave.

We love and miss you always
You are so beautiful to Mommy