Multiple Pathways of Recovery

At NOWA Recovery Support Center, we honor all pathways of recovery. What that means is that all are welcome here!

Recovery pathways can include peer support, medical/clinical support and treatment, recovery support groups, medication, or any combination of these things. Anything that helps a person achieve their goals and live a healthier lifestyle are part of recovery! It is a person’s unique journey, and must be personalized as such. 

Many people in recovery engage in faith-based, 12-step, yoga, exercise, meditation, nature, family, music, art and many more enriching activities as part of their recovery process. 

Programs of recovery, or recovery support groups, are varied. Some examples are: Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, SMART Recovery, Dharma Recovery, Refuge Recovery, All Recovery, Drug Addicts Anonymous, etc. 

You can even create your own pathway! We are here to support you in whatever pathway or combination of pathways you choose. Your recovery is YOUR recovery.