NOWA’s Foundation was Built by Members
Members are the reason NOWA exists. From the very first Recovery Walk we held, to naming the center “No One Walks Alone”, figuring out which peer groups to offer, and finding ways to have fun in recovery…. Members lead the way. As people in recovery, we have learned that connections, empowerment, and choices are some of the keys to building the lives we want, and we use this philosophy in everything we do. 

Mission Statement
No One Walks Alone is a safe place where peers and loved ones support and empower one another. NOWA is an atmosphere of positivity and compassion. We believe in each other and honor all pathways to recovery, while embracing a new way of life in recovery. Our goal is to inspire, motivate & encourage the Blackstone Valley community by showing recovery is possible.

We Love Members & Volunteers! 
Members and volunteers are needed. Are you in Recovery? Love someone who is in Recovery? Looking to get involved with the Recovery Community? Looking to give back to our community? Come stop in our Recovery Center & get involved!

We Love Giving Back to our Community!
We strive to connect our members to the community at large. Our members, volunteers, and staff engage in a variety of community events and efforts in order to promote a positive lifestyle and offer hope and support to others.

How does a Recovery Support Center support people around recovery?
Recovery Support Centers are operated by, with, and for the members, with staff who are in recovery, as well as volunteers. Our program at NOWA is designed and decided upon by the members and staff together.

Recovery Support Centers provide a positive space and environment for those who are in recovery or seeking recovery to:
*Connect with others in recovery & the community at large
*Learn new ways to support their recovery
*Involve family & friends in their recovery
*Find outside supports & resources
*Prepare for & find employment
*Help others & give back to the community
*Plan & engage in a variety of events & educational workshops
*Break the stigma of addiction by being a power of example
*And so much more!!

Family, friends, and children are welcome at the NOWA Recovery Support Center, and we encourage allies and loved ones to get involved. We are a community of peers, loving our lives in recovery! Come join us! 

 Benefits of NOWA Membership
*Narcan & Harm Reduction trainings
*NOWA Boutique – Take or leave items
*One-on-one support
*Resume building
*Haircuts for milestone achievements
*Access to treatment
*Building skills for work
*Computer use
*Help with CORI
*Peer support groups
*Smoking cessation support
*Leadership development
*Fun Events & Laughter!!